Climate Changes Road Colours but Leaders stay black on Coal

UPDATE 28 Apr 2021 – QLD ENVIRONMENT DEPT SAYS NO! ORIGINAL STORY THE COLOUR OF THE ROADS MAY CHANGE BUT LEADERS STILL DENY FOSSIL FUELS = GLOBAL WARMING A recent visit to the Climate Change Hub at the Whitsunday Regional Council revealed a fascinating fact. Council is considering what colour and type of product to […]

Marine Debris

What Rubbish… Who would have thought marine debris could be so interesting? Or that one of our past serial offenders is none other than the Bureau of Meteorology, whose weather balloon remnants, constructed from polystyrene floats and rubber, attract turtles who think the balloons are jellyfish? Tangaroa Blue Foundation is an Australian wide non-profit organisation […]

Anyone for Drupella

Drupella snail anyone? No I am not talking about a culinary delight but a persistent little pink critter, a tiny pink snail lurking on our reef, about 5cms long, which eats live coral tissue. The white telltale scars it leaves behind then become covered in algae spelling the death of the coral. And they are […]