Whitsunday Conservation Council

Our Submissions

Our Public Submissions on environmental matters affecting the Whitsundays are a demanding part of our operations.  Many hours are put into this work, which we believe will help protect our region from the short-sightedness of some of its policymakers.  Research is needed and sometimes evidence.  Opinions are keenly sought from the public and stakeholders.

We also provide a framework for people to make their own submissions on a variety of issues concerning us in the Whitsundays.  You can access them via our Projects page, social media and in our newsletter Treetops. 

Click on the document title to access the documents listed below

2023-12-14 WCC – EA Objection Referral

2023-12-12 WCC – MLA 100351 Objection excerpts

2023-12-06 Energy Qld Reply – WCC letter 30 Nov 23

2023-11-30 WCC Submission – Energy Qld – Batteries carrying capacity

2023-11-30 WCC Submission – WRC Galbraith Park Development Plan

2023-11-27 WCC Letter – QFES – Destruction of mature gum tree

2023-11-22 WCC Submission – Climate Change Amendment

2023-09-11 WCC Media Release – Stop Clearing Land – List Fauna

2023-08-31 Fed Env Minister Reply – Enforcing EPBC act

2023-08-27 WCC Media Release – Tree Clearing in Reef Court, Cannonvale

2023-06-07 GBRMPA Reply to WCC Letter 2023-05-15 re-Sharks

2023-06-06 WCC Letter – WRC Relocation of Trees in SHR

2023-06-01 WCC Submission – WRC Proposed Cruise Ship Anchorages

2023-05-15 WCC Letter to GBRMPA re-Sharks

2023-01-31 WCC Submission – GBRMPA – Artificial Reefs

2023-01-11 WCC Submission – WRC MLES

2022-12-15 WCC Issue Brief – Minister Scanlon SHMD MERT 2023

2022-12-12 WCC Submission – Blue Energy-Eureka

2022-11-30 WCC Media Release – Response UN GBR in danger

2022-11-27 WCC Letter – Ministers re Quolls

2022-11-20 WCC Media Release – Colonial Motel tree

2022-09-28 WCC Letter – Mayor Hall request meeting WHRDC

2022-09-19 WCC Letter – WRC Tree protection Broadwater Ave Airlie Beach

2022-09-16 WCC Submission – WRC Planning Scheme Major Amendment

2022-08-16 WCC Submission – Palmer Coal Mine support rejection via EPBC portal

2022-07-21 WCC Submission – BOS Gilmour Space

2022-05-23 WCC Media Release – WHRDC workshops

2022-05-04 WCC Media Release – Shute Harbour Marina Development

2022-03-28 WCC Submission – Framework for Qld Island Resorts

2022-03-28 WCC Media Release – Undivided Council Divisions

2022-03-04 WCC Media Release – Urannah Dam Pipeline will be a Burden

2021-11-29 WCC Submission – Minister Miles Call in Waratah Coal proposal

2021-11-16 WCC Letter – WRC Scott Hardy Trees

2021-09-06 WCC Letter – WRC Beacons Beach tree removal

2021-09-24 WCC Letter – Amanda Camm MP re Palmer

2021-08-23 WCC Letter – TMR Simon Nash Tree protection SHRoad

2021-07-16 WCC Submission – GBRMPA Mr Thomas

2021-06-24 WCC Submission – Reef Regulation Reversal Bill

2021-05-25 WCC Letter – Minister Scanlon – Wild Duck Island

2021-03-30 WCC Submission – WRC Corporate

2021-03-22 WCC Submission – ToR Trade Investment