Whitsunday Conservation Council

Our Story

The Whitsunday Conservation Council is a large group of like-minded people who are concerned about our environment – its future and in all its forms – from the reef on our doorstep to the unique tropical rainforests and endangered fauna.

We use collective inteligence, a process by which a large group of individuals gather and share their knowledge, data and skills for the purpose of trying to solve our environmental issues, especially where they impact on our community.

At the inaugural get together on 16th August 2019, a group of Whitsunday community residents agreed that a platform for volunteer environmental groups in our region, would increase awareness and avenues for better environmental outcomes.

On May 7, 2020 the WCC became an incorporated association and on May 28 WCC became an ACNC registered charity.

In June 2021 it reached over 1,000 members and supporters.  An amazing achievement for such a small regional population base.

WCC is a member of the following organisations: Queensland Conservation Council Inc,  Queensland Water and Land Carers Inc and Tourism Whitsunday Ltd.

We are privileged to have the Great Barrier Reef on our doorstep and lots of unique fauna (including the endangered Proserpine Rock Wallaby) and flora (including the near endangered Brachychiton Compactus or Whitsunday Bottle Tree). The Whitsunday Bottle Tree is incorporated in our logo.

We join the many other Conservation Councils who are peak environmental bodies working hard to protect, conserve and sustain our beautiful natural environments.

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