Whitsunday Conservation Council

Shingley Beach High Rise

It seems the simple fact that the developer is asking for residential and resort in one complex is why this is way TOO big.

One or the other could be fine. This site is up against a hill which is where any taller development should go in Airlie, but not to the extent where it intrudes on the amenity of locals and visitors.

A development could fit comfortably here and give a happy medium of economic benefit and community impact.

14 storeys towering over our main entrance road and gateway to Airlie Beach is just not acceptable.  Not to mention the traffic lights the developers want to add on Shute Harbour Road.

Sustainable development is keeping scale and congestion to feasible levels, appropriate for their location.

There is one simple thing we need to tell Council.  NO HIGHER THAN THE ROAD.

Tourists and residents come here to get away from toxic traffic and concrete jungles.  They want fresh air and tropical ambiance.

Artist’s impression of the building based on material submitted.