Whitsunday Conservation Council

Inquiry into the Economic & Regulatory Framework for Queensland's ISLAND RESORTS

The terms of reference of this inquiry appear to be framed around the assumption that the resorts would be thriving if it weren’t for Government regulation. The Whitsunday Conservation Council respectfully submits that the reasons for failure are due to a complex mix of other factors. Government support for development and refurbishment of resorts cannot make them survive if the markets, climate change and logistical difficulties dictate otherwise.

The challenge for the future will be to define and set a carrying capacity for the Whitsunday Plan of Management Area before we kill the golden goose by loving it to death. The bareboat industry saw this back in the 1990s and set its own limits on the number of vessels in the fleet in order to ensure a quality visitor experience. It would appear that they still think this was the right decision. For the sake of the natural environment of the Whitsundays this needs to be done for the whole Plan of Management Area.

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