Anglers’ Angst

I have witnessed data collection being carried out at the VMR boat ramp in Cannonvale last year. I dont know how long it was done for or how many locations it was done at, but they were questioning every boat that came in about their catch and recording the data. I understand the angst felt […]

What Happened to the Spanish Mackerel?

The well-known and much sought Spanish Mackerel has recently been in the news for all the wrong reasons. First, the latest research tells us that the Spanish Mackerel population is down to a mere 17 % of its original, unfished population. Not a healthy situation. Second, this has occurred in the Great Barrier Reef World […]

Life on a Sea Star

Comb sea stars, Astropecten sp., are common in our sandy inshore areas. Sea stars have no bones for their muscles to work against: instead they are pretty much hydraulic animals. They can draw in water to inflate, through a sieve like plate on their upper body. Coordinated muscle contractions then push the fluid about, moving […]