Seagrass Meadow turned to MUDow

Pioneer Bay seagrass meadow after the rain event 1st to 6th July 2022. I measured 169mm rain in my gauge at Grace Ave Cannonvale. We tend to get less than the area as a whole so it was a significant fall. Plenty of dugong feeding trails, mostly to the eastern side of the Pigeon Island […]

Excessive Use of Roundup

Here is a photo of the damage caused by Whitsunday Regional Council’s excessive Round Up spraying.  The lost vegetation causes increased water velocity over the soil surface and the top soil is washed in the sea. Over the years of pointing out the obvious, I have only seen very limited improvement.  READ MORE on our Project […]

RunOff Ruins Marine Life

After the 170mm plus rain event that we have just had (10-12th of May 2022), Waite Creek in Cannonvale was running brown with sediment. The closest I could get to finding the source of the sediment was to see that it was coming from somewhere upstream of the Parker Rd crossing, where it enters the […]

Death by Dirt

As I went for a walk in our beautiful Bicentennial Park the other day, I was extremely disappointed to see that both sides of the creek were widely sprayed to kill all green growth within several metres.  This is already causing bank erosion, allowing sediment to flow straight into the sea not 50 metres away.  […]

Runoff Damages Environment & Tourism

The cumulative impact of repeated incidents like this is damaging our inshore environment, hampering inshore coral and seagrass recovery from TC Debbie and harming our tourism industry.  You can see the steepness but not the full size of the area cleared. It is at least the size of 4 house blocks. This development site is […]