Whitsunday Conservation Council

Port of Airlie High Rise



Airlie Beach is threatened by high rise development at the Port of Airlie, just behind the famous beach.

This is not about appropriate development that enhances the tropical paradise image that Airlie Beach has tried to preserve.  It is about inappropriate development that destroys the very essence of Airlie Beach and replaces it with a string of ugly high rise buildings, more suited to the overcrowded condominiums of down south.

Tourists and residents come here to get away from toxic traffic and concrete jungles.  They want fresh air and tropical ambiance.

Artist’s impression of the first of many buildings based on material submitted.

BUT THERE’S MORE … Airlie Beach does not need these high rise hotels.  The demand isn’t there because we don’t have the miles of beaches that attract the hordes.  Even if the demand was there, Airlie Beach does not have the carrying capacity in its public recreational areas to provide adequate space for the thousands of tourists touted to fill these chicken coups.

AND IT GETS WORSE Our council has been asked by the developers to donate public land to their project!  This is not the first time that developers have tried to take public land from our community.   If allowed by our council, it will set a precedent that will destroy the Airlie Beach that the world knows and loves as a relaxed low-key tropical paradise.

SO, please make a submission to our council, using the form below, in order to prevent another failed get-rich-quick scheme of pass-the-parcel that will end up with a half completed eyesore of the worst kind.

TELL THEM that there is no need for this project, that it is ugly and inappropriate, far too tall and that it will destroy Airlie Ambiance.  Tell them that giving away public land to developers, with no benefit in return, is an irreversible act of theft.


PORT OF AIRLIE BUILDING HEIGHTS as approved by Queensland Government State Development/CoOrdinator General in Dec 2003  READ reference: 4.23.3 Page 47.  Why can the Government walk away from any responsibility when the same reasons that governed this decision making apply equally today?