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on Major Amendment to the Whitsunday Planning Scheme

TO:    Whitsunday Regional Council

  1. Foreshore buildings have a maximum height of 10 metres above ground level and 3 storeys.
  2. Main Street (Macca’s side), Port of Airlie, Coral Sea Marina have a maximum building height of 14 metres above ground level and 4 storeys.
  3. Waterson Way (Precinct C) has a maximum height of 18 metres above ground level and 5 storeys.
  4. The Strategic Intent supports low-rise development in Airlie Beach with no buildings over 18m/ 5 storeys placed in any Airlie Beach precinct.
  5. Storeys must be included in measurement of maximum height.
  6. All maximum heights (Metres & Storeys) remain an overall outcome. ‘Generally in accordance’ with heights is not acceptable for ‘maximum’.
  7. A future public parking site is sized and a location defined with-in the Airlie Beach Precincts.
  8. The Airlie Beach Local Plan removes the support for “higher density development” along the foreshore.

Thank you